Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2010 Summit

Reconsidered, restructured, refocused.

IACC North America’s annual gathering emerged from last week’s planning meeting as a more efficient and streamlined event. After 28 annual conferences, the chapter has swept the name and schedule out the door. In its place emerges the 2010 Summit, set for March 24-26 at Eaglewood Resort & Spa in Itasca, IL.

The Summit schedule trims a half day off the former format — it starts on a Wednesday and ends with lunch on Friday. It shapes up this way:
  • Wednesday — preconference workshops, a customer event during which IACC members can rub elbows with potential clients, Copper Skillet, opening-night party.
  • Thursday — General session with keynote, workshop blocks, President’s Reception, Annual Banquet.
  • Friday — Workshop block, industry-leaders panel, lunch, departure.
You can read the entire article in CenterLines (Download)

The committee is busy selecting workshops for each block. What would *you* like to see offered?

The Beginning

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