Friday, March 12, 2010

Palm Beach Bound -- from former TrendyIACC blog in Jan.

I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself! As the new board associate to the Emerging Trends Committee for IACC, I am enroute to Palm Beach to attend the winter Board of Directors meeting. I’m currently in the Charlotte airport watching a beautiful citrus colored sunrise on this lovely morning as I wait for my plane to be towed over from the hanger. I have Starbucks coffee and my laptop, so I’m good to go!

So, what is the purpose of this blog? My goal is for it to be used as an online thought center or think tank. I want to engage the members of the Emerging Trends committee to blog about anything and everything they feel may be useful to fellow IACC members. The focus of the blog will be on introducing new trends and studies involving the conference center industry, trends about younger generations, and also any ideas for how to make IACC an important part of these younger professionals’ lives. Then, IACC members from around the world can refer to this blog if they need any insight on how to better their services to both meeting planners and participants.

I am rather new to the conference center industry, yet understand just how valuable belonging to an association like IACC can be. Besides the networking opportunities, standards, and resources that are now at my fingertips, I now belong to an organization that I can support and try to bring some new ideas to. It’s an exciting opportunity and I am very grateful to have it.
Well, I’m about to board now! Thanks for reading and please check back for new posts. I’ll be posting about my time in Palm Beach and my experience at an IACC property — the Doubletree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center Palm Beach. See ya soon!

- MB

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