Friday, December 24, 2010

CSR - Holiday Style!

Happy Christmas Eve to those of you celebrating in the States and merry Christmas to those that are a few hours ahead of us around the world! 

It's been a while since that last corporate social responsibility post, but now is the perfect time for a quick update.  One way that my property participated in CSR recently was by "adopting" two families in need for the holidays and hosting a drive for gifts and money.  The families were different -- one was a single dad with a young daughter and the other a young family with three children all under 10 years old. 

A few photos were hung in the employee break room along with a sign advertising what these families needed and wanted the most for the holidays.  Clothing and diapers were among the more popular items, but books and a bike also made the list.  Announcements were made at our monthly property-wide meeting in which employees who organized the drive spoke about the good that could come from donating.  (Note -- it was not management that organized this drive, but housekeeping staff!  Talk about engagement as a bonus to CSR!).

Adopting families in need is a pretty common CSR practice that many companies participate in during the holidays, but it is still a good one to share.  One way to find families in need is by contacting local organizations, such as the Salvation Army, YMCA or United Way.  Local homeless shelters may also provide contact information with individuals that need a little extra help. 

Here's to hoping that the holiday spirit of generosity continues throughout the rest of the year and 2011!  Happy holidays to you and your families!

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