Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 Eye Catching Concepts for Your Conference Center

Vintage 1960's ad from Steelcase
 Written by Kasey Sanders of Hamilton Park Hotel and Conference Center in Florham Park, NJ. Kasey is a sales manager and an active member of IACC's Emerging Trends Committee. Most recently, Kasey explored her curiosity for Steelcase and planned a company field trip to the manufacturer's NYC showroom. Discover what she found out during her trip...
Understanding your clients’ daily work environment will provide insight into how they might perceive your conference center. After all, companies influence their culture through the layout of the office space and the way their employees interact. And when a company decides to host a meeting or training at an offsite location, they need to be certain that the ideologies of their culture are being reinforced.

My curiosity on the latest trends in office design led me to the Steelcase showroom at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. I spent an afternoon wandering the many floors of eye catching furniture, in search of new ideas and a look at what is popular in office space infrastructure. And I did indeed stumble upon a few resounding themes worth sharing.

Flexibility – I was introduced to many furniture pieces that could adjust to the variety of tasks completed in a single day. Take the Airtouch for example. “With a light touch of a finger, workers can quickly, effortlessly, and quietly adjust their worksurface to fit their personal, or task related needs. Be it seated, standing, collaborative or solo.”

Collaboration – Engaging with colleagues takes on new meaning when you have the personal space to work on a project while still comfortably seated within a group. “Verb tables are specifically designed to support different learning modes and encourage easy shifts between lecture, discussion, and project work.”

Connection – Video conferencing with colleagues at other offices and in other countries is no longer novelty but mandatory. And fumbling with AV connections is a total hindrance to communication and productivity.  Enter a product like media:scape with HD videoconferencing and the PUCK (Personal User Control Key).  “media:scape was designed to provide a collaborative destination—one that is simple to use and ready to host your digital tools in three easy steps: (connect, press and share).”

Of course Steelcase is just one of many office furniture design businesses with purpose built fixtures in offices throughout the world. Explore the white pages and research papers of these companies to learn what trends and ideas are helping to sculpt their designs and the office spaces of your clients. And check out the winners from NeoCon 2012 for more innovative concepts in furniture and technology.

Which of these concepts seem to be a market trend at your property? 

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