Monday, April 5, 2010

Annual Summit Re-Cap

The IACC Annual Summit at Eaglewood Resort & Spa was a huge success!  The summit's them of "Not Just Business As Usual" fit perfectly with the shortened conference time.  Over 200 IACC professionals gathered to learn about the industry, share best practices, and of course, have a little fun.  Over the course of the conference, participants attended a wide variety of workshops -- everything from a marketing and PR focused discussion called Pink Socks and Pocket Protectors to a sustainable food workshop called Catering to the Future.  The State of the Conference Center Industry workshop was highly attended and focused on an economic report and analysis conducted by PKF Consulting. 

Some of the highlights outside of the classrooms included the Copper Skillet Competion (IACC's version of Iron Chef) featuring extremely talented chefs from around the globe.

The Taste of Chicago dinner feast provided famous Windy City cuisine such as Giordano's pizza, Italian sausages, barbecue ribs, and a make your own risotto station.  Also, the closing ceremonies featured an amazing and nail-biting performance by the Jesse White Tumbling Team.

In all, it was a fantastic event and provided me with an incredible opportunity to meet and learn about the industry from seasoned professionals in just a few short days.  I look forward to next year's Annual Summit which will be at The National Conference Center in Washington, D.C!  Start making your plans won't regret it!

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