Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Malbec the new Merlot?

Being in San Francisco and working in the industry as a food and beverage manager make it imperative to stay on top of the new trends in the industry.  A new beverage trend that is especially prevalent in the media, and I have noticed myself in San Francisco, is a red wine from Argentina: the varietal Malbec. This is a relatively inexpensive wine bursting with fruit flavors with low tannins.

Recently, I have become a fan of Spanish tapas and you can be sure to find at least one Malbec on the wine list. Doing a quick Google search on the topic brought me to an article by the Wall Street Journal entitled Fine Wine on a Beer Budget. This particular article interviewed a wine shop owner in Chicago that had been in the business for three decades. He stated that in the current economic situation his average bottle price had dropped from $25 to about $15 in just a few years.

What is a wine that he recommends that is of great quality and “the new Merlot”? You guessed it, a Malbec. Retailing starting at just over $7 in his store it’s no wonder that this quality varietal has made itself a trendsetter in the industry. So has Merlot and its trendy popularity been replaced by this economical South American based red? Go out have a glass and decide for yourself.

Josh Porter
Mission Bay Conference Center
San Francisco, CA

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  1. Drinking a Malbec always reminded me of those great late night impromptu dinners at my flat or at a favorite neighborhood restaurant surrounded by a small group of dear friends. Where there are no rules and formalities, except to enjoy being in the company of friends late into the night after a long day of work. It is approachable and often with a gentle opening, and a soft and succulent follow through. The silky tanning has a presence that is undeniable but never seems to be overtly needy. Perhaps it is this social nature that captured my palates and the reasonable price that keeps me come back for more.