Monday, May 3, 2010

7th Habit Suggestions From Industry Leaders

Follow up from previous post...

I began a discussion at IACC’s LinkedIn Group ( to see if any of my colleagues could think of a seventh habit. As it happens, they could…

Eric Whitson, who is Director of Sales & Marketing at The National Conference Center in Virginia (host of next year’s IACC Summit), suggested either “FOCUSED”, “PRODUCTIVE” or “COST EFFECTIVE”

Neil Pompan, President at Pompan Hospitality Global and former President of IACC Global suggested “INNOVATIVE”, which he defined as “the ability to always surprise and delight the customer by introducing new ways for them to be successful in meeting their objectives.”

Wendy Butler , Special Initiatives Coordinator at The Johnson Foundation liked “PRODUCTIVE” but threw “EFFECTIVE” into the mix as well.

Saira Banu Kianes, Travel Director & Founder of IMPN thought that “SERVICE ORIENTED” was worthy of mention.

Jeff Farina, who is a Development Professional and Hospitality Consultant added “PERSONALISED” as it “encompasses all of the above traits and is what we are all about in the conference centre industry.”

If you haven’t joined the IACC LinkedIn group then please do – you’ll not find a better network of industry experts anywhere in the world. If you’re a conference centre you can share ideas with like-minded colleagues. If you’re a customer/planner then you get to pick the brains of hundreds of suppliers outside of a pressured sales environment.

James Bland
Sundial Group (UK) Marketing Manager
2009 IACC Global Scholarship Winner

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