Monday, May 31, 2010

Do We Live In An Age of Distraction?

On May 9th, President Obama gave the commencement address to graduating seniors at Hampton University.  The main topic of his speech was the importance of using the technology we have available as a means to make ourselves and our world better, rather than just a form of entertainment.  He called our current time an "Age of Distraction" in which cell phones, TVs, laptops, and iPods all demand portions of our time each day. 

This topic is one that greatly affects the conference center and meeting industry.  Faster, better technology is constantly demanded in RFPs, and it will only continue to grow.  As industry professionals, how can we ensure that we provide the technology that is necessary to make meetings smooth, current, and efficient, but also effective?  Is there such a thing as too much technology use in a meeting?

Read through this commentary, "Meetings in the Age of Distraction," and leave comments!

Also, Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all veterans and those currently serving our country! 

Written by:
Meghan Bollenback
Food & Beverage Manager
R. David Thomas Executive Hotel & Conference Center

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