Thursday, July 1, 2010

Statements to Avoid In the Workplace

May and June college graduations have come and gone and a new round of Millennials are looking to join the working world (or some may have already joined).  Since the positions they acquire will most likely be their first "real jobs," it is imperative to show co-workers and bosses that you are serious, willing to work, and are a team player.  There are many stereotypes about the Millennials, including that they are lazy and feel entitled to not work as hard as others.  To combat those stigmas, here is a short list of phrases to avoid using in the workplace.  They are part of a list of 18 statements to avoid in general conversation, recently released by Real Simple magazine.

From Real Simple's "18 Common Phrases to Avoid in Conversation":

"Don’t say: “That’s not my job.”
Why: If your superior asks you to do something, it is your job.
Instead say: “I’m not sure that should be my priority right now.” Then have a conversation with your boss about your responsibilities.

Don’t say: “This might sound stupid, but…”
Why: Never undermine your ideas by prefacing your remarks with wishy-washy language.
Instead say: What’s on your mind. It reinforces your credibility to present your ideas with confidence.

Don’t say: “I don’t have time to talk to you.”
Why: It’s plain rude, in person or on the phone.
Instead say: “I’m just finishing something up right now. Can I come by when I’m done?” Graciously explain why you can’t talk now, and suggest catching up at an appointed time later. Let phone calls go to voice mail until you can give callers your undivided attention."

Do you have any other suggestions to add to the list?

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