Friday, December 28, 2012

Assessing Conference Center Technology Infrastructure

Technology is an ever-changing environment, and it is often difficult for facilities to determine how and where to spend effectively to keep up with those changes. The IACC has developed the Design for Great Technology, which provides an assessment tool for facilities to use to understand where in the technology spectrum they currently fall, and provides benchmarks for basic, medium and high levels of technology in specific areas. This course will introduce participants to the Design for Great Technology, discuss the concepts addressed and provide a practical example of how the assessment tool may be used to determine opportunity areas and items of concern to be addressed during the planning of refurbishments and upgrades to the property.

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Eric Bracht, Sr. Consultant, Operations, Electro-Media Design Ltd. Participants will gain... 
  • Knowledge of the Design for Great Technology
  • Understanding of how to use the assessment tool
  • Explanation of the concepts and terms used
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