Tuesday, December 18, 2012

From Products to Property: How Third-Party Certification Can Advance Sustainability

Government and corporate travelers continue their efforts to “green” their official travel, but individual consumers are also expressing more interest in staying in accommodations that reflect their personal environmental values. While certification to a comprehensive sustainability standard represents a significant property-wide achievement, not every property is ready to go “all in.” One of the more straightforward initiatives to put into place, and one that is a keystone of a property-wide sustainability program, is to start with purchasing. Purchasers currently use third-party certification for everything from electrical safety to water quality and the use of credible certifications can likewise simplify green procurement. Using effective products with reduced human and environmental hazards can reduce risk to guests and employees while improving efficiency and helping the property to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Many also represent cost-savings and may have other intangible benefits, such as improved employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.
This session "From Products to Property:  How Third-Party Certification Can Advance Sustainability" at IACC's annual conference in March will explore the range of third-party certification options and sustainability considerations for commodity products such as sanitary paper, housekeeping cleaners, ware washing products, laundry care products, paints and food.

Register today to receive the discounted rate for individuals or a group of 3 or more. IACC's annual conference has discounted rates until 12/31/12 so register before the new year!

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