Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New technology trends that can boost your performance in controlling conference rooms

With recent trends showing that 1 out of 3 meetings are using technology the need for presentation technology support has grown.  Especially on Monday mornings or in the beginning of a program until the presenters become more familiar with the room and the technology. Sometimes the needs are as simple as sound or lighting adjustments.  Other requests involve connecting the presentation to the projection unit/s.  It is difficult for the presentation technicians to take care of multiple needs concurrently especially when there is distance between the meeting rooms. Here are two solutions FLIK Hotels and Conference Centers have recently implemented in some of our conference centers to support these needs.

·        A mobile application was recently installed that allows our technicians to adjust sound, lighting from their smartphone for the meeting rooms.  This allows the technician to manage the demand of his/her priorities and still assist some presenters in their meeting room remotely from a different place. With the requestor on the telephone the technician can toggle to a control screen from his smartphone and adjust sound and lighting in the requestor’s meeting room while discussing the adjustment with the requestor. His smartphone has become a new mobile office for  the assisting customers.

·      The application as it appears on the smartphone is below:

·        Wise projection systems – allow presenters to connect their presentation to the projection through a wireless network.  When you do not need cables to connect to the projector - you do not have to be concerned with notebook adaptors. Another benefit is the cable may have a defect and compromise your presentation.  Any presenter who can power up and find their presentation on the screen with speed and simplicity will be pleased and not need to call for a technician’s assistance. This will add to productivity and a much smoother Monday morning of launching 5 meetings at 8am!

Written by Joe Sebestyen. Sebestyen is a Regional Director with FLIK Hotels and Conference Centers. He specializes in sales and operations and assisting the Conference Center General Managers in creating an environment for achievement.

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