Thursday, February 6, 2014

Too many cook's spoil the broth....?

........Not a chance! 

I have had the pleasure of attending two IACC Regional Copper Skillet competitions in as many weeks and I feel inspired to share my experiences with you.

The IACC Copper Skillet competition is in it's 11th year and in my mind it is getting better and better each and every year.

This annual competition is a shining example of the passion and determination of IACC members pushing the boundaries to be the absolute best in the World at what they do, with food being at the heart of it.

To put it into context, the 6 regional competitions which take place throughout the Americas, Europe and Australia Asia Pacific, determine who will go on to represent their conference center AND their Country in the Global Final.

But if you think that the chef's see this as just a qualifying round, you would be sadly mistaken, the Heat is definitely on and pride is at stake here!

 Up to 12 chefs compete to take the prestigious Gold Copper Skillet Award in their country's final, looking to earn the right to go on and compete head to head in the Global final, held this year in California. It's serious business for the chefs and also their band of followers from their conference centers, who come along to cheer (and sometimes sing!) them on to victory!

I have had the privilege to attend the US, Swedish and UK finals, as well as the Global Final and no two events are quite the same, I can tell you.  Except perhaps for the importance each put on the event, which is blindingly obvious from everyone I have met.  Some invite clients along to watch, some see it as a chance for members to network and many invite press to join IACC members in a display of culinary intensity and pressure, which even Gordon Ramsey would struggle to re-create!

When you attend a IACC Copper Skillet competition, you will see just as I have, that food is an incredibly important component to delivering an exceptional IACC Meetings Experience and according to many industry judges I met this year, IACC members can be proud to be creating World beating dishes!

Bring on the final in California this March!

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