Monday, November 29, 2010

Green Ideas from the Emory Conference Center

Emory Conference Center was recently named Atlanta's first LEED-certified conference center hotel.  Recent articles about the center's success listed off a few green and CSR ideas that you may also be able to implement at your own property!

As listed in the article by Hotel News Resource

  • Supplying kitchen oil to Emory University's shuttle bus service to reuse as biodiesel
  • Using single stream recycling processes, "where paper fibers are comingled, allowing an increase in the amount of materials recycled."
  • Sending partially or unused soap samples (from guest rooms) to Haiti as part of a hygiene-focused group called Clean the World
  • Giving partially used shampoo and conditioner samples to a local church

Do any readers have new or additional ideas to add to this list?

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